From executives and VIPs to government officials and celebrities seeking security escort services, Mi7 National Group’s agents can be deployed to provide a safe and professional escort to and from any destination. Our internationally-accredited security escort services protect businesses and private executive clients — including private citizens and dignitaries — anywhere in South Africa.

Our existing local network of experienced protection operatives and operations managers will ensure the safe and timely success of any task. Our Close Protection Division is highly trained and experienced in security escort duties for both logistical high value assets and individuals.

Mi7 National Group’s security personnel are highly trained, experienced, elite, and trustworthy continuously remaining alert and proactive in diff using potential incidents. We scrutinize
parking lots, suitable petrol stations, risk hot spots, road work areas, and emergency services such as fire brigade, police, and medical services.

Each agent has tactical and advanced driving experience. They also receive special training on how to operate fi rearms within confined spaces. Each of our vehicles are equipped with medical equipment as well as fire prevention tools and other defensive weaponry.

A crew consists of a body guard, an Advanced Life Support medic and a luxury vehicle. Armoured vehicles are also available upon request.

Our commercial security providers are ready to provide your organization with a customized security plan to protect your property either onsite or in transit. We serve a variety of industries, including:
• High net worth family offices
• Retail
• Warehousing
• Logistics and distribution
• Real estate
• Construction management
• Museum and entertainment

Mi7 National Group’s executive escort agent duties encompass the following:
• Planning escape routes
• Ensuring the personal protection of clients
• Escorting and defending clients
• Keeping bystanders at a safe distance
• Reviewing client plans
• Performing security checks
• Staying visible to the public but invisible to the client
• Surveying the surroundings
• Abiding by local, state, and federal laws and regulations
• Surveying the premises prior to clients exiting or entering
• Reacting swiftly and effi ciently in the case of an emergency
• Identifying and diff using potential dangers