Mi7 National Group has within its fleet a number of people carriers which seat between 9 to 21 individuals. Used together, we are able to deploy, relieve or extract up to 80 members per site comfortably.

We make use of these people carriers to relieve staff between shifts on sites up to 150 kilometres from our offices. This is done on a daily basis to prevent fatigue among the members and ensure their wellbeing.

However, situations may arise where the distance makes it unfeasible for members to be relieved of duty daily or where the situation requires members be present on site for prolonged periods of time.

In these instances, Mi7 National Group ensures the best equipment is used to create base camps for our members so they may sustain themselves while maintaining good hygiene and sanitation while having access to basic needs like drinking water and electricity.

For example, our specialised base camp vehicles are fully kitted with portable toilets which can be folded out and erected on site, portable shower systems, and self-assembly tents for resting. These QuickPitch tents fold out over the roof of the vehicle’s canopy.

Under the canopy, the loading bin extends outwards into a mini kitchenette with cooking facilities. Each vehicle carries an excess of 200 litres of drinking water, a portable diesel generator, and 220v electricity inverters to ensure electricity is available on site.

Furthermore, Mi7 National Group ensure that all staff based on site have three meals per day. All these vehicles are 4×4 off-road equipped.