Mi7 National Group’s Armed Response was a division that simply had to stand out in an industry saturated with roleplayers who in many cases provide good, quality service. For Mi7, the goal was never to compete, but to reinforce.

It is an ever-repeated motto within the corridors of head office that a unified approach to crime prevention is required, where all members of the security cluster work together to root out crime in our communities. That is why Mi7 Reaction Officers often work alongside the police and other security companies on joint operations within the city, sharing resources toward a single goal of eliminating criminal threats.

However, the company has sought to go further, driven by the expectations of its clients as well as the values enshrined in its code of conduct.

While the core function of our Reaction Officers is to provide a rapid response service to clients, protecting the community is an all-inclusive deal. Reaction Officers therefore attend to all security concerns, should resources allow, whether the complaint arises from a client or not.

As an example, in January 2022 only, Mi7 Reaction Officers received 26 908 reports of possible incidents. Only 17 of those were positive crimes affecting our clients while 947 of these
incidents were attended for non-clients.

This dedication has led to countless successes in arrests for housebreaking, attempted murder, carjacking, theft, robbery and vandalism. But this is not all that the job is about.

Mi7 National Group prides itself on a public service model based on community duty. Reaction Officers are therefore tasked to make everyday differences in the lives of community members through small acts of assistance: be it waiting for a resident to leave or enter their property safely; keeping an eye on morning joggers as they burn their calories for the day; assisting with burst water pipes, fallen trees or accident debris; directing traffic; or even a pleasant smile and the wave of a hand.

Mi7 National Group prides itself on a public service model based on community duty. Reaction Officers are therefore tasked to make everyday differences in the lives of community members through small acts of assistance: be it waiting for a resident to leave or enter their property safely; keeping an eye on morning joggers as they burn their calories for the day; assisting with burst water pipes, fallen trees or accident debris; directing traffic; or even a pleasant smile and the wave of a hand.

Reaction Officers have gone as far as rescuing pets from trenches and attics, fi xing broken pipes, sweeping the street outside client’s properties, and stopping to pose with young fans of the company. This is what community duty is all about.

Armed response teams are responsible for the physical, rapid response to incidents reported. These security offi cials arrive speedily to the scene, armed and ready. Response teams often work alongside the police to track down off enders. Armed responders are trained in basic emergency medical care and the safe and responsible use of weapons in order to carry out their job as effi ciently as possible.

Our units consist of experienced security agents with specialized training to provide enhanced security at high threat, remote locations or whenever a deployment calls for a temporary state of visibly heightened security. Their core roles and functions will be to assist patrols and statics guards should a criminal incident occur or when back up is needed; assist local authorities in the tracking and tracing of suspects; respond to emergencies and alarm activations; and respond as an additional unit to security threats.

Armed Response offi cers have basic training in the following aspects:
• Advanced weapons use and tactics (handgun and long gun).
• Advanced defensive driving class (law enforcement certified).
• Advanced training in verbal situation deescalation.
• Advanced self-defence training and restraint techniques.
• Navigation and remote survival techniques.
• Fundamentals of Executive Protection.
• Surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques

The following Armed Response units are available:

Special Intervention Unit

Mi7’s Special Intervention Unit breaks the mould in the fight against crime. As a standard for this unit, we deploy a skilled team of officers to patrol sectored areas and systematically drive out unwanted elements in communities. We offer proactive patrolling to assist with crime prevention duties by working closely with law enforcement agencies, and social crime prevention initiatives.

Strategic Threat Response Unit

The Mi7 Strategic Threat Response is a highly specialised and equipped unit within Mi7 tasked to provide armed response services with a definitive support tool. This unit is equipped with technologies – such as thermal drone technology and number plate recognition software – that aid MI7 in the advanced combating of crime within the scope of our duties. This unit will assist with priority crimes and action out any activities, with the aid of law enforcement agencies, to defect unwanted criminal elements away from communities.

Control Room

Mi7 National Group has a 24-hour control room fitted with state-of-the-art technologies ranging from signal detection for alarm and panic systems; mapping and dispatching software for both armed response and medical units; and internal and external surveillance of all our vehicles. Our friendly staff are equipped to handle any situation and to rapidly deploy the required units to the scene. The control room also monitors the multiple camera systems set up around the communities and clients, allowing for early detection of any criminal element.

Technical Support Unit

As a new addition to our fleet, Mi7’s Technical Support service is equipped with the best in technological solutions for our clients. Technical staff have been selected with the understanding that we need to provide our clientele with industry-leading security solutions in an ever-changing digital environment. We ensure that the Technical Services department maintains efficient and safe standards when installing security solutions to our client’s property.

All-Terrain Vehicles

Being small and nimble, ATVs provide a rapid mode of transportation within expansive property boundaries. Our research has shown that in terms of response times, a security officer or medic on an ATV reaches an incident zone 12 times faster than on foot. It has also shown that we are able to increase the frequency of total perimeter patrol 31 times more than a guard on foot. The use of these vehicles also minimizes officer fatigue, keeping them alert while on duty.

Armoured Personnel Carriers

Mi7 National Group has a range of soft-shell and armoured personnel carriers to either safely deploy our units into dangerous environments or to extract our client’s personnel from any area. These vehicles have on-road and off -road capabilities and vary in sizes depending on the amount of personnel needed to be carried. Our armoured vehicles are fitted according to international military specifications and are bullet, flame and bomb resistant. These vehicles are also fitted with crowd control equipment such as water guns and teargas disperses – however these are only used as a last resort.

To ensure rapid response when deploying resources to areas a great distance away, Mi7 National Group will first dispatch a soft-shell vehicle and crew which can reach the area faster and act as a first line of defence before the armoured vehicle, which travels much slower, arrives.

Fire Fighting Vehicles or ‘Bakkie Sakkies’

Mi7 National Group utilises specially fitted double cab bakkies with window guards to protect occupants from flying debris. Additionally, these vehicles all have 4×4 off-road capabilities and are fitted with MAC portable firefighting equipment including:

• A 600l water tank
• Swift Piston Pump
• Honda GX160 Petrol Engine
• 20M x 8.5mm Composite Hose Reel
• 0.6m Hose & Elbow

Strategic Tracking Vehicles

Mi7 strategic tracking vehicles equipped for either rapid response or off-road capabilities are fitted with Intel NUC i5 mini computers which allow for fast access to software solutions like NAVIC which is automatic number plate recognition software linked to our vehicle’s cameras.

This gives the vehicle the ability to flag others used, or wanted, in the commission of crime anywhere in the country.

K-9 Unit

MI7’s K9 unit is manned 24 hours a day by highly skilled handlers and their dogs. Utilising the canine element in the combatting of crime is a successful deterrent within all law enforcement agencies, and likewise, the development of the K9 unit to pursue active criminals evading capture enhances our capabilities to deter criminals within our communities.

K-9 Capability in Fire Investigations

Specially trained to identify a variety of ignitable substances, our four-legged friends assist with criminal investigations to determine whether a fire has been started deliberately.

Using their keen sense of smell, which is more accurate than technology that has been designed to detect ignitable substances, our fire dogs have helped Fire Investigation Teams provide a higher level of accuracy and improve the conviction rate against people who deliberately start fires.

Accelerant detection dogs are trained to locate the residual scents of flammable substances, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, lamp oil, paint thinner and kerosene, that are often used as accelerants in cases of arson. The dog will sniff out and lead fire investigators to traces of unburned fuel so that samples can be taken from precise locations and then sent to a lab for analysis.

Dogs can detect extremely low volumes of fire accelerants. They can find remnants of accelerants at fire scenes far more quickly and accurately than humans, at levels that are at and sometimes beyond the sensitivity of lab testing techniques and equipment

Our dogs are trained on the following criteria:
• Pinpoint accuracy
• Open area search
• Building search
• Vehicle search
• Clothing search
• Scent discrimination